Interactive Design


My graphic design class and I were given the assignment to design a service system that allowed users to either pay for others’ services with money or provide a service themselves.


We were able to work with the Computer Information Systems program to develop a functional Swap application that allowed users to easily create a Swap account and intuitively use the system.


By going off the basic idea that this site is for exchanging services I got inspiration from the Yin and Yang symbol since it is also about the “give and take”. I created a simplified version and paired it with the company name in the chosen typeface.


The typeface used for the Swap logo, headings, and subheadings is Comfortaa. The secondary type is Lato for body text. Both chosen typefaces are Google fonts for prime legibility.


The color palette chosen for the design is mostly grays to provide a neutral look for the layout and to not overwhelm the user. A bright red was chosen as an accent color for buttons and links.


To continue with the curved edges used in the primary typeface and logo, the website and application were styled with rounded edges as well.


The two users consist of the manager/admin and consumer/provider. The administrators and managers work with the back end of the service exchange application. The consumers and providers use the application for exchanging services.


Since the admin and manager users are different from the provider and consumer, two different sitemaps were created. They combine in certain areas but for the most part the two are separated because of their different tasks.

Mobile App

Admins and managers are able to respond to important tasks right away through the Swap application on their smartphones.


Managers can login through the website and complete more detailed tasks that they couldn’t easily finish on a smartphone.