Portfolio Review

Experience Design


The Graphic Design Program in the College of Business at Ferris State University hosts an annual Senior Portfolio Review event. Seniors are given the opportunity to get input about their work from industry professionals. My team and I planned, prototyped, and executed the experience for the 2016 event.


The event was designed to provide a welcoming and friendly environment to draw in our audience and give students the opportunity to meet with design professionals and show their work.


Since the event is about giving feedback the logo incorporates brackets and is designed to look like a form field. The user is asked to fill in the form with their answers to our questions.


Since the attraction campaign is very web-based we decided to go with the Google fonts Oswald Light and Libre Baskerville Italic.


Two varying grays are used for our background and text colors and then a bright green was chosen for accents and highlights.


A diagonal line pattern was designed based of the brackets used in the logo. The pattern is used on a majority of the touchpoints to create consistency.

Email Campaign

Before the event we sent emails that gave event details and questions for them to respond to on Twitter. The emails also contained links to the senior portfolio review website and links to social media.


When users got to the senior portfolio website they were able to view other design professionals’ quotes and were then able to go to our Twitter page to post their own responses.

Notebook Gifts

To show thanks to previous attendees, we created personal notebooks as gifts. The designs also incorporate a few small business cards that we asked them to hand out to their friends and colleagues to further the advertisement of the event.

Social Media

In addition to the questions asked in the emails, social media graphics with the same questions were posted to the Graphic Design at Ferris State’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Sign In Sheets and Name Tags

Juniors directed the attendees to fill out sign in sheets and name tags. Along with their name, attendees were asked to give one word of advice on the name tags.


The environmental designs have designs that ask the professionals to provide further advice so that the event can have more of an interaction. The designs also include the replies that people provided previous to the review.

Name Tag Interaction

When leaving the review the professionals are asked to pin up their name tag up onto mounted boards. This adds interaction between attendees and the event.


As our way of saying thank you to the attendees we created small gifts to show our appreciation for their advice. The first one being bookmarks that are incorporated in the book centerpiece. The second gift is parking cards that pay for the first two hours of the Grand Rapids Downtown Market parking.

Post-Event Emails

After the review “Thank You” and “Sorry We Missed You” emails were sent out to the professionals with links to the portfolio website and photos from the event.

Portfolio Website

The final phase of the portfolio site contains all the quotes of advice collected during the review. The site also contains links to the students’ personal portfolio sites so attendees can go back and check out their work.