Oil and Honey

Branding & Packaging


Many eco-friendly cleaning products that only contain natural ingredients don’t focus their packaging and branding on a desired younger demographic.


O+H is a company with products that only contain oil and honey ingredients and is branded with elegant and organic styles to market to their target audience.


The clean structure was chosen to represent the simpleness of the ingredients used in each product. The gold color stems from similar colors seen in the oil and honey ingredients.


Avant Garde is the primary typeface chosen for the logo and headings. Baskerville is the company’s secondary typeface, which is used for subheadings and body text.


The primary color palette consists of rich black and gold. The secondary palette has an array of rich colors that represent the essential oil scents used in the products.


The pattern created for the O+H brand is made up of organic brush strokes. The strokes are gold over a black background to bring in the chosen primary colors.


I was able to create the gold effect on the logo by running thermal gold foil through a laminator over toner ink. The pattern was created by painting with gold paint onto black paper.

Business System

The business system uses a thinner stock of paper than the packaging system but still incorporates the gold brush stroke pattern.


To reflect the established styles, the packaging was constructed with thick, durable paper that uses the gold brush stroke pattern.

Web Design

The web aspect of the company was created to inform customers of the story behind the business and to inform them of the products and where they are available.