Vignette Postcards

Project Background

I worked with Nucraft as a freelance designer to assist with the creation of their NeoCon 2016 postcard suite, along with other print items for the Nucraft sales team. 12 different postcard designs were created to match with the 12 products Nucraft presented at NeoCon. I worked with the Creative Director from Nucraft, Emily Watz, to brainstorm, design, and prepare the files for printing.

Drawing Inspiration

The designs of each postcard were drawn from a specific feature of the furniture piece. By narrowing down on one piece and simplifying it, we were able to create unity between all the cards even though each piece of furniture was different from the next.

Specialty Printing

To properly mimic the textures and veneers used on the furniture, the majority of the designs were printed with metallic inks and other specialty printing techniques through Foremost Graphics Group in Grand Rapids, Michigan.