Brand Experience


Migrant workers and farmers have a difficult time contacting one another and staying in contact. There is also a language barrier that makes it even harder for them to converse.


Comigo is an application that acts as a mediator between the migrant workers and farmers. It works as a translator between the two users to create better conversation and a stronger relationship between them.


Since the company is bilingual, Comigo was chosen as the company name because both users would easily pronounce it. The logomark was designed by combining aspects of the core values, agriculture, and the name of the company.


Bariol is the primary typeface used in the wordmark logo, headings, and body text.


The colors used in the primary color palette are inspired by the nature that the users work with. A secondary grayscale palette was chosen for a neutral palette.


To incorporate the idea of connecting and merging, the two primary colors were used to create a gradient that was applied to the interfaces and touchpoints.

Farmer User

The farmer's goal is to create an account with Comigo, become a company ambassador, and to find migrant workers for his upcoming apple season.


Farming convention flyers and newspaper adverts were designed to attract the farmer user.


Farmers that use the app consistently are asked if they would be interested in being a company ambassador. They are then provided with merchandise to be used for their farm and the migrant workers.


The application side of Comigo is for smartphone users. They have the convenience of being able to get notifications and to check their account through their phone.

Migrant User

The migrant worker wants to find a job for the next season, connect with farmers that he was previously employed by, and to learn English to get better positions on farms.


From research, I found that farmers provide an outdoor library to the migrant workers. The company uses this to provide them with a place to get information about Comigo and a place for them to keep their books.


By placing ads in stores that migrant workers frequent the company is able to accumulate more attraction.


When a user initially signs up through the kiosk they are prompted to fill out basic info and a résumé or farm information. Once their profile is set up they are able to use the program.