Bird's Farm Meats

Brand Restaging


Bird’s current branding is nonexistent and they don’t have a consistent branding for the company touchpoints. Their business needs branding that reflects the high-quality products and to target a younger demographic to continue business.


Although Bird’s does have poor branding they do have many devoted customers that have gone there for many years because of their great products and low prices. The solution was a brand that reflects the history behind the store but also appeals to a younger audience.

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Since the company currently does not have a specific identity, one was created for the rebrand. I used hand lettering for the wordmark to appeal to their current older demographic but to attract a younger one as well.


Rockwell is the primary typeface used for the company’s logo and headings. The secondary type for the brand is Trade Gothic and that is used for subheadings and body text.


The primary colors chosen for Bird’s new identity is a blue and pink color palette to complement and contrast with the meat in the store. Dark navy and cream were chosen for a secondary neutral color palette.


A pattern was created in the style of a linocut to reference the history of the store. The illustration consists of animals, meat, and other food items and is used in the majority of the touchpoints to create consistency.

Logo Process

Initial sketches had logos that were too rough and leaned more towards a younger demographic. In later logo iterations I used hand lettering and used an edited cursive version for the final.

Web Design

A website was created to inform users about the company, the supplied meat, and to provide an interaction between the store and the users. Responsive designs were also created since during the research process a majority of customers used smartphones.

Social Media

Social media graphics were designed for a Facebook and Instagram page. These forums were chosen to market to their current older demographic and a desired younger one.


The wrap for the meat has the Bird’s pattern on the exterior of the paper and once the meat is wrapped a sticker with purchasing information is placed over the back to seal the packaging.